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1-10-13 - Why Dan Niles Has Gone From Bear to Bull on Facebook

12-13-12 - Dan Niles Details His Bullish Case for Facebook in 2013

11-20-12 - Dan Niles on Why Investors Should Continue to Avoid HPQ

11-13-12 - Dan Niles on Why the Departure of a Key Executive is Just Another Headwind, in a Growing List, Facing Microsoft

10-17-12 - Dan Niles On Why IBM's Earnings Report Suggests Mounting Headwinds

9-26-12 - Dan Niles on the Headwinds Likely to Affect Microsoft from the Launch of Windows 8

7-27-12 - Dan Niles Talks Facebook After the Company’s Recent Earnings Miss & Selloff

7/20/12 - Dan Niles Provides a Cautionary Outlook for Technology as Earnings Continue to Disappoint

5/22/12 - Dan Niles on Smartphones & Tablets Plays and Facebook's IPO Failure

5/15/12 - Dan Niles on Facebook's IPO and Why He is a Seller Rather Than a Buyer

5/10/12 - Dan Niles Discusses his Strategy for Investing in the New Mobile Landscape